JSC KMEZ as well as Russian Copper Company holding in general, is always eager to manufacture and deliver all consumer orders as soon as possible. For this purpose, we use various types of transportation, depending on the orders volume and the location of our customers. Taking into account that Russia borders with the two largest markets of Europe and China, we offer the following types of fast delivery:

1. European Union countries

To the countries of the European Union, we offer delivery by an individual transport vehicle for orders over 4 tons. Estimated delivery times are shown on the map below

If the volume of the order is less than 4 tons, we offer delivery by Less than Container Load within 14-21 days, depending on the location of the consumer.

2. China

For products transportation to China, we offer delivery in 20 and 40 feet containers on weekly container trains by Russian Railways. In this case, the estimated delivery time is 14-19 days, depending on the location of the consumer. Product delivery stations are indicated on the map below

Delivery to the countries of Southeast Asia, with which the Russian Federation does not have a land border, we offer multimodal transportation (rail + sea) through the port of Nakhodka / Vladivostok. The delivery time in this case is 35-45 days, depending on the location of the consumer.